Consistently innovating

Answering customer needs

Indaver's innovation efforts are based on the changing market situation, stricter legislation and increasing customer requirements.

Technological innovation: when it comes to its facilities, Indaver invests in improving efficiency but also in meeting our custmers' ever-evolving requirements. As a specialist waste management company, it is important that we continually change and adapt to manage ever more complex and variable waste streams and/or to be in a position to meet requests for special flexibility.

Service innovation: in terms of service provision, Indaver continues to answer its customers' many needs. Ongoing key projects include system developments that support efficiency in administration and transparency. We also systematically evaluate and update the portfolio of services offered, ensuring that they fit seamlessly  with our customers’ processes and requirements.

The drivers of our investment in innovation are the need for more flexibility, more sustainability and/or more cost efficiency. We are committed to innovation and know that it will lead to a better future for all.

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