Rivenhall - Judical review update

Earlier today, Parishes Against Incinerators (PAIN) – the local group opposed to the development of the Rivenhall waste facility – confirmed that they would be launching a legal challenge against the facility proposals, and asserted that they would be seeking a Judicial Review of the recently issued Environment Agency revised permit for the operation of the facility.

The grounds upon which the judicial review is being sought centre around how the Environment Agency carried out their overall assessment and decision-making process. The group’s aim is to overturn the EA’s decision to grant the facility a permit, enabling the implementation of the 35 metres-high chimney stack.

The EA has confirmed it will be defending their decision-making process in its entirety. Both GFC and Indaver will participate in any proceedings as interested parties. For more information on the matter, please get in touch by emailing us on info@rivenhall-iwmf.co.uk.

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