No sustainability without sustainable suppliers

Conducting business according to high ethical standards is vital to winning and retaining the trust and confidence placed in us by you, our stakeholder. It has been a crucial part of Indaver’s success throughout the years with activities in waste treatment and management. Since the Company was founded, Indaver’s business practices have been governed by integrity, honesty, fair dealing and full compliance with all applicable laws, described in Indaver’s Company Code. But being a sustainable company means we also expect our suppliers and business partners in our supply chain to conduct business ethically and be sustainable.
To make this clear to all our stakeholders Indaver formalized its vision on supplier relationships and developed two new policy documents: a Sustainable Procurement Charter and a Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Sustainable Procurement Charter reflects our commitment to sustainable development in all phases and aspects of procurement: the process, how we manage and organise it. It outlines our expectations to our suppliers with regard to our own behaviour and practices.

Indaver’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers  establishes the minimum standards we expect our suppliers to abide by. The Code reflects the values and behaviours that apply within our company to ensure that all our partners recognise our values and share our commitment to doing business in an ethical, legal and socially responsible manner, including corporate responsibility in doing business. We realise that it does not address every situation our suppliers may face. It does, however, illustrate the important principles of ethical business conduct that we expect our suppliers to keep in mind when working with, for, or on behalf of Indaver.
We are convinced that the Supplier Code of Conduct is a step towards establishing a long-term sustainable relationship with our partners, our employees and society. Suppliers can now also rely on a ‘whistleblower’ procedure. This is an existing and secured channel for reporting non-ethical conduct and is now formally included in the Code of Conduct.
Both documents are available on the Indaver website and are included in our contracts and orders.

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