Indaver and SUEZ build an energy from waste plant for wood waste in Antwerp

Indaver and SUEZ have applied for a permit to build a new processing facility for non-recyclable wood waste. The investment amounts to €100 million. The E-Wood facility, or energy from wood (waste), will process approx. 180,000 tonnes of non-recyclable wood waste per year.

This proposed facility deals with the non-recyclable fraction of wood waste such as treated wood waste, wood materials from composting facilities or rotting wood. This fraction can no longer be recycled to new wood products, but can be put to good use as resource for the generation of green energy. 

The wood waste will be thermally processed by means of fluidized bed technology. The facility will have an intensive flue gas cleaning feature. It will generate 20 MW of electricity. The remaining steam can be supplied to the Ecluse steam network in Antwerp Port. The energy released will be a constantly available green energy source. It will offer opportunities for the further development of economic activities in the port area. With E-Wood, we can offer our customers a greater guarantee of energy supply continuity. Furthermore, the green energy will improve the environmental footprint of the customers considerably. 


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