Indaver offers to the Portuguese industry access to advanced treatment plants in Europe

It is well known that the Iberian hazardous waste market doesn’t offer to the local industry all state-of art technologies to treat special and difficult waste streams. This happens mainly by lack of waste volume production in this region that wouldn’t make viable certain type of waste treatment plants.

It is also known that the hazardous waste market in Europe functions at a continental level. This means that not all countries have all the treatment facilities for all the waste streams they produce.

Indaver’s dedicated Waste Treatment team selects the best treatment option for each type of haz or non-haz waste. Apart from allocating waste to our own facilities, the team are in contact with a wide network of –certified- outlets. Thanks to a long-lasting relationship with most of them, Indaver has earned trust and respect from them. This way you know that, apart from best price, you receive best conditions as well.

Indaver will find the right solution and available capacity for all types of waste at any given time. Indaver can therefore guarantee security of outlets for customers during campaigns and shut downs

Our cooperation with external treatment centres allows us to offer the best solution to our customers. They may be located nearer to our customer than our own treatment facilities. When no specialised treatment is required for a certain type of waste, this often is the best option, since it reduces transport cost. 

Starting from the best treatment option for each type of waste in your total portfolio, the team searches for the nearest treatment centre to your facilities and the best treatment prices offered, throughout Europe. They take into account whether specific permits or administrative requirements have to be fulfilled. They look for smart combinations of your total waste portfolio and know about regulations and legislative changes in every single region. 

Rotary kilns: important link in the circular economy

Indaver tries to recover as much materials as possible from waste for the purpose recycling and re-use. However, certain waste substances, including critical and sensitive waste from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, require thermal treatments to prevent these hazardous substances from finding their way into material or food chains. For that purpose we have our rotary kilns that can neutralise dangerous or hazardous components and can filter and safely store the elements that cannot be recovered or destroyed. The Indaver site in Antwerp works with MediPower®, one of the most modern plants in the world for the safe incineration of medical and sensitive pharmaceutical waste with a high degree of energy recovery. The rotary kilns are therefore important links in the circular economy for Indaver, because they help keep the product and material chain clean and safe.

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