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Indaver manages 85% of the hazardous waste Portugal sends to incineration plants outside of its territory

The annual report regarding the Portuguese transfrontier waste shipment data, published by the Portuguese Environmental Agency in the end of 2014 (covering 2013 activity) shows that Indaver group treated in its Belgian plants 85% of the hazardous waste streams Portugal shipped to other countries to be eliminated through high temperature incineration. It is also observed that in some industry sectors, Indaver was the solution to almost all the produced waste as is the case of the phytopharmaceutical waste, Indaver treated 100% of the waste sent to incineration plants. This way, with its presence in Portugal Indaver group gives an important contribution to the country towards sustainable waste management for its highly dangerous industrial waste.  


Destination of the waste sent abroad for elimination

(source: TFS report 2013 - Portuguese Environmental Agency)

*D10-HTI and D9-physicochemical treatment

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