Specialised services

Indaver is a full service provider for treatment and management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, both for industry and local authorities. We offer a complete service for sustainable, economically viable waste management. A wide range of treatment solutions is available for all possible waste flows.

As part of our portfolio, Indaver has ample expertise concerning very specific waste flows  and projects of authorities and industry.

Laboratory chemicals

Our qualified personnel will go to your site to ensure the correct identification, classification, packaging and labeling for you.

Transfrontier Waste Shipments

Indaver has also a strong experience dealing with TFS processes within Europe establishing the contacts with the relevant authorities and gathering all the necessary information and documents.

This way the Iberian industry can profit of the most advanced recovery and recycling solutions for some of the most dangerous waste streams that otherwise would end up in landfills.

For maximized control of sensitive or critical waste, Indaver offers over 380 000 tonnes HTI capacity in different rotary kilns in Belgium and Germany. These installations treat a large part of waste from all over Europe. Indaver is organized to accept foreign waste streams in all its facilities, and they can serve as each others back-up. At all times we are conscious of all consequences when recycling, recovery or disposal of sensitive or critical waste is considered. This to guarantee that liabilities for the customer are avoided at all time.

Remediation and clearing activities

Indaver extensive experience in remediation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and in clearing waste after a fire or a disaster. Indaver’s own processing capacity and know-how play an important role in this type of decontamination projects.

Infrastructure Management - Build Own Operate

The many years of knowledge that Indaver has acquired relating to the construction, operation and maintenance of complex waste processing plants are of real benefit for customers who wish to have their own treatment plants built, operated or optimized by a specialist partner such as Indaver.

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