Pharma industry leadership

Resulting from the experience gained over the last 14 years working with the Italian market, Indaver has gained the status of preferred  waste management company within the pharmaceutical and chemical companies.
Our customers in these sectors benefit from our international experience and our tested operational procedures.

Indaver has developed a set of tailored services to this sector, like:

  • Destruction of obsolete medicines and recalls from the market
  • Destruction of off-spec API
  • Management and certification of inventory destructions
  • Shredding and recycling of obsolete merchandizing and promotional inventory, with branding protection procedures
  • Recycling of Pharma packaging waste
  • Destruction of documents containing classified information
  • Sensitive waste transport using sealed containers with seal tracking system


Active pharmaceutical products are among the new class of the so called “immerging pollutants in the environment”. These "emerging contaminants" are derived from many sources, including industrial wastewater coming from waste treatment plants. This is due to the fact that those plants are ineffective treating such complex compounds. The effects in human health of these newly recognized environmental contaminants represent a reinforcement of the landfill ban of pharmaceutical waste, as they can only be truly destroyed through a thermal treatment. The World Health Organisation guidance supports this conclusion. Neither considers physical/chemical treatment to be appropriate. We can provide you with the right solutions.

Specialist in sustainable waste management

We offer thorough knowledge of operating specialised waste treatment facilities and intelligent waste management systems. We have extensive hands-on experience with materials and production techniques, especially for critical, sensitive and complex waste flows from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We closely monitor all the developments in the waste market, especially with regard to legislation, technology, sustainability and innovation.

Long-term partnerships for the best results

Indaver nurtures long-term relationships with its partners and customers because the company is convinced that this is always in the best interest of all parties. Mutual trust is the basis of how we do business, and personal reliability and integrity are the hallmarks of our business.

Your industrial hazardous waste is our business

Many industries, in particular the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries, produce complex, often hazardous waste streams. These waste streams require very careful and thorough treatment, but this level of waste management is not a core competency of these sectors. Indaver is proud to be a trusted partner to a wide range of such companies. We are an international waste treatment partner, with networks across the whole of Europe. We want to partner you in excellence, in compliance and in planning for a better future for all. 

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