Transfer Station in Origgio

The Indaver Italian platform has been operational since 2005.

The IPPC permit allow to deliver different waste stream hazardous and non-hazardous with different operations having as scope the final disposal or the final recovery.

The authorized operation of mixing and / or repacking  allow to manage the waste streams as beast as possible.

All delivered waste is tracked from its arrival at the platform untill the final destination in order to ensure full transparency of the waste management for the customer.

Hazardous waste with particular specifications (toxic, flammable, etc) is mainly conferred on the Group's plants. Particular types of recoverable (eg catalysts etc.) metals are sent for recovery by a third party agreed with Indaver and always within the European Community.

Due to its proximity to the intermodal terminal of Busto Arsizio Indaver Italy becomes the gateway for plants in Northern Europe.


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