Creating added value with sustainable waste management

Indaver aims to create added value, using systems for which customers have a need and which society expects from it. It succeeded in doing so again in 2015, by achieving results with affordable and sustainable waste management solutions.


Industrial customers must remain competitive in an increasingly international market, which means they must control costs. Indaver helps them do so with affordable and sustainable waste management. We are a European business, operating in various countries, which gives us the scale to have the best system at the best price in every case for our customers’ waste.

Application for new waste-to-energy facility

We are further expanding our service provision in the countries in which we operate. Accordingly, Indaver submitted an application in Ireland to build a new waste-to-energy facility on the island, the second after Meath. The new facility in Cork would treat up to 240,000 tonnes of household, commercial, non-hazardous industrial and specific hazardous waste, recovering energy and valuable materials from it.

Enhancing sludge drying

Indaver intends to further grow in order to expand the services it provides to its customers. We only acquire businesses that are consistent with our strengths and fit in with our strategy. Indaver thus strengthened Indaver Impex, its sludge drying, arm in 2015 with the acquisition of the sludge drying operations of Befra Belgium. This reinforces Indaver Impex’s position as the market leader in sludge drying in the Benelux region. In the UK, Indaver Impex acquired the mobile sludge drying fleet from Alfa Laval, thus strengthening its position across the Channel.

Sustainable cooperation

Indaver provides systems for the circular economy by developing new service provision concepts and technologies to recover even more renewable energy or raw materials from waste. Indaver attaches a great deal of importance to sustainable long-term cooperation with its industrial customers. This is the case with Tata Steel in IJmuiden, the Netherlands, where Indaver ARP uses its facility to convert 150,000 tonnes of waste pickling liquid into pure hydrochloric acid and iron oxide, feedstock for smelters and the pigment industry. Indaver and Tata Steel extended their cooperation in 2015, in addition to which Indaver gave the ARP facility a thorough overhaul, thus future-proofing it.

Sustainability Report

The 2015 Sustainability Report can be viewed in PDF format on Indaver’s corporate website. This PDF document is interactive: readers can click to navigate it, follow external links or go to Indaver’s regional websites.

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