Indaver is a trusted and reliable partner for public authorities

As legislation becomes more specific and complex and administrative obligations increase, many public authorities are choosing to join forces with a specialist partner who will plan and implement their waste management schemes on their behalf. Indaver is the partner of choice for many public authorities and we have distilled our decades of experience and knowledge into a flexible working model: Public waste PartnershipS (PwPS).

Our PwPS are tailormade, cost-effective and innovative waste solutions. The primary focus of every plan we design for a public authority is high-quality recycling and energy valorisation. We are guided by the relevant legislation with respect to environmental concerns and requirements. We plan for your short-, medium- and long-term needs and continually reassess and revise your waste management plan, as required. As we have a wide network of installations for treating household waste, both our own and our partners', we can provide the public authority that you represent with a guarantee for its waste. Our solution for your authority will be cost-effective, flexible and technologically advanced.

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