Indaver Community Fund: Duleek Fair Day Committee

Indaver is a socially responsible organisation and is committed to working with the communities in which it operates for their mutual benefit. In Ireland there have been countless involvements that have had a positive impact on the local community such as support for drama clubs, sports clubs, environmental organisations and music festivals.

Perhaps one of the more noteworthy of these is the Indaver Community Fund in Meath.

Meath Community Liaison Committee

Indaver will make a donation to a local Community Fund for every tonne that is accepted into the Meath Waste-to-Energy facility which will add up to over €250,000 per year. This Fund is managed by a Community Liaison Committee which consists of members of the Carranstown Residents Committee, Slane Council, the Planning Authority and Indaver. The Committee agreed that the first priority was to bring forward funds of €100,000 per annum during the construction stage. 

The fund, more accurately described as the ‘Carranstown Environmental, Community Projects Grant Scheme’, is designed to support community initiatives with particular emphasis on the Carranstown/Duleek area. The aim of the fund is to provide financial assistance to local community-based clubs and voluntary organisations for the development of environmental community projects and works in the locality. The Scheme’s first project is the funding of a public path in Carranstown. The path, which will connect to the existing path into Duleek, will allow safe access for local children to walk to the football pitch. 

Information on the scheme is available on the Meath County Council website or by calling the Planning & Community Department of the Council. Applications are encouraged from community groups and organisations in Carranstown and the surrounding areas.

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