Specialised facilities across Europe

European scope

Indaver has a an impressive suite of facilities across Europe offering optimum treatment solutions for critical and/or sensitive waste flows. Our large-scale and highly technological plants and transfer stations in various European countries provide the certainty of safe treatment and guaranteed acceptance of waste, at all times. Our industrial customers appreciate the advantages of direct transfer to a final processor because it allows them to manage costs and prevent risks.

Treatment at third parties

Indaver augments its own treatment capacity with that of external parties. After all, we want to offer you the best technical and economic solution for every waste product. Therefore, an experienced team of specialists with access to more than 300 certified European outlets performs an independent screening of available treatment solutions for each type of waste material.

For the best solution

When looking for the right treatment solution for each waste, Indaver examines various parameters. Each centre of course has the necessary permits and solid references in the area of compliance so that we can eliminate any liability risk for our customers. In addition, every solution must be technically suitable and the best in terms of environmental technology. Proximity (and therefore price) is also a determining factor. 

Strict controls

In order to ensure you that treatments at Indaver partners occur according to valid legislations and according to its own Codes of Good Practices in Waste Management, we use a sophisticated audit system.

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