Prosperity: creating value

In a circular economy, creating value means caring about society, not just about financial gain. At Indaver, we want to create this added value using solutions that make the planet safer and cleaner and that make our customers stronger. We did that in 2016 too.

Value for the circular economy

As a waste management company, we create value for the circular economy. We recover energy and high-value materials from the waste we treat, whilst protecting the food and material chains against contamination. Indaver has demonstrated that a focus on sustainability and growth goes hand in hand. We are growing steadily with services that ensure a cleaner and safer environment, high-value reclamation and strong competitiveness for our customers. 

Growth Model

We are continually expanding, developing new services and technologies, and improving efficiency in our core activities. We do this by focussing on more efficient processes, organic growth and ground-breaking innovations. We are constantly adjusting our processes to improve our service provision and reduce costs. We promote new technological and/or business models that help the circular economy to grow. We choose new projects and activities carefully.


We grow by building and running our own facilities, by extending our technologies, services and processes to new countries or regions and by taking over existing facilities and adapting them to our way of working. That way we can offer our expertise and service provision to more regions and countries and to more customers. Due to this scale we are constantly able to offer the best solution at the best price for our customers' waste.

Not just growing for the sake of growth

We encourage new technological and/or business models that help us to develop the circular economy, that are technologically and economically feasible, and that take into account fluctuations in the price of energy and materials. Sustainable growth is not about growing for the sake of growth. When we are looking for and evaluating new opportunities, we are investigating whether we or they fit in with our strengths and our strategy.


Would you like to read more? Then follow this link to the Prosperity section of the 2016 Sustainability Report.

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