Press release: Minority shareholders sell their shares in Indaver

On 19 June 2015, Katoen Natie acquired the Netherlands-based Delta NV´s 74.9% interest in Indaver. The remaining shares in Indaver have been held by Vlaamse Milieuholding NV (Flemish Environmental Holding) and a group of industrial shareholders, i.e. Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, BASF Antwerpen NV, Tessenderlo Chemie NV, Bayer Global Investments BV, Solvay NV and Borealis Polymers NV. These minority shareholders have now decided to exercise their tag-along right and sell their shares to Katoen Natie, a private Flemish shareholder, thus making it the owner of all Indaver shares.   


The minority shareholders played an important role in Indaver´s starting phase, by providing capital and technological assistance and guiding the development of a suitable company culture. Today Indaver is a leading company  at a global level for the treatment of hazardous waste and for the treatment of household waste in Europe.


Indaver has demonstrated that it can set its own course independently and achieve its objectives. Moreover, the minority shareholders have every confidence that Katoen Natie has all the qualities that are necessary in order to continue to guarantee the future and the success of Indaver.




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