Indaver’s Sustainable Waste Management Solutions: Treating Suitable Hazardous Waste in Meath

Another first for Indaver: the Meath Waste-to-Energy Facility is taking delivery of suitable hazardous waste.

The Irish Environmental Protection Agency has granted Indaver’s Meath Waste-to-Energy Facility a new licence to accept 235,000 tonnes of waste per year, of which 10,000 tonnes can be suitable hazardous waste.

The 10,000 tonnes of suitable hazardous waste that the facility will treat every year would otherwise be exported for treatment elsewhere in Europe. In other words, Indaver Ireland is now able to offer its customers more sustainable waste management solutions that are in line with the proximity principle outlined in the EU’s Waste Framework Directive. By accepting suitable hazardous waste in Meath, Indaver Ireland is also contributing further towards the national policy objective of increased self-sufficiency in the treatment of waste.

The suitable hazardous waste in question includes personal protective equipment, liners, packaging, obsolete pharmaceuticals, and other streams that meet the waste acceptance criteria for Meath. Customers who require treatment for said hazardous waste include pharmaceutical companies and civic amenity sites.

As part of the acceptance criteria for the new licence, Indaver undertook a test programme where a range of suitable hazardous waste with specific EWC codes was treated. The testing was completed and the results sent to the EPA in October 2015. The test was a success both operationally and in line with the licence criteria. As no issues were raised as part of the test programme, in January 2016, the EPA confirmed that the test programme was satisfactorily completed.

“The team here in Meath has worked hard with the EPA to deliver the test programme successfully,” says Conor Jones, the plant manager in Meath. “It’s the type of expert innovation that characterises Indaver as an organisation,” he concluded.

With the new licence and the successful completion of the test programme, Indaver’s installation in Meath is not only Ireland’s first waste-to-energy facility, but also the first to accept suitable hazardous waste.

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