Indaver keeps hazardous substances out of the cycle

You also think that we should use our raw materials sparingly. But in doing so, you want to be certain that the materials being reused for new products are safe and pure. Indaver has three assets in house that we use to create safe sinks, safe storage places to keep undesirable and hazardous substances out of the cycle. At its site in Antwerp, Indaver has integrated facilities. Thanks to this integration residual waste streams from one facility can be treated in another, so that there is always a safe solution.

Rotary kiln incinerators

Indaver tries to recover materials from waste for recycling and reuse as much as possible. We have to use thermal treatment for some waste substances, such as critical and sensitive waste from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, to prevent hazardous substances from finding their way into the materials or food chain. That is why we have rotary kiln incinerators, which break down hazardous or harmful components at a high temperature. The extensive gas scrubbing removes hazardous substances from the flue gases. 

IndaChem Liquids and IndaChem Solids

Another way to ensure that harmful substances don't end up in the environment is through physical chemistry. In these installations we treat industrial liquid waste and solid inorganic waste. These substances are neutralised using chemical processes and heavy metals are 'fixed'. After which these are dumped safely on our landfill site. 

Landfill Sites

Landfill disposal is the last option in sustainable waste management, but it is still necessary for several types of waste that cannot be put to good use or treated thermally. The landfill sites have been constructed in such a way that ensures minimal impact on the environment. They are lined with a water impermeable mineral layer first, with an HDPE film on top. Thanks to an electronic leak detection system, Indaver can check the film regularly for leaks. Once the landfill site is full it is meticulously capped.

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