Electric cars in the Indaver fleet

With the Climate Action Plan published we asked colleagues to review if electric cars work for customer service.

John Farrell and Conal Brennan were the first to try out electric cars for Indaver Ireland. John, as a Coordinator of our Total Waste Management sites in Leinster and the Southeast, needs a car to facilitate city and motorway journeys. Conal, as the companys main point of contact for BIS, has planned meetings but throughout Ireland at 22 customer locations and six office locations in Ireland that takes him from Belfast to Cork via Dublin and Meath.

In light of the Climate Action Plan we asked long term electric car drivers John and Conal to give us feedback on the change to electric cars. Both drivers were enthusiastic about the ease of city driving. Charging points are common on their routes and without long waiting times.

The common issue of range anxiety has been experienced by both drivers but they feel with experience it doesn’t happen more than once. ‘You have to be aware that motorways give you less range than you think you have. It is tempting on the way home to keep going but you are better to stop and charge to give yourself the extra comfort’, said John. This ties in with a safe approach to taking breaks on a long journey so nobody is going to dispute the benefits of stopping to recharge your body and car.

Would they go contemplate going back to their old vehicles? ‘Never’, says Conal. ‘My kids love it too. We feel we are doing our bit for the environment and that is important to us’.



Indaver is a European and Irish company committed to finding sustainable waste management solutions.  It works in accordance with the EU waste hierarchy, and find ways of diverting waste from landfill. It regards waste as a resource and finds ways of treating it while also protecting the environment and people’s quality of life.


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