Frequently asked questions

Have a look at our current vacancies. You can also submit a spontaneous application.

At Indaver we prioritise your work-life balance because we want to keep everyone working happily and healthily. We strive for sustainable employability for our employees.

We give everyone the space to grow on a professional and personal level. One way in which we invest in you is through a variety of training courses. That way we are investing in a better and more sustainable future together. Furthermore, there are plenty of career opportunities, which is another element of our focus on sustainable employability.

Fill in your personal details and add your CV and cover letter. It takes only a few clicks. Why not have a look at our vacancies?

We’re open-minded and interested in good people from all sorts of backgrounds. Use your cover letter to explain why you would be a good fit for the role, even if you don’t have exactly the skills and qualifications we’re looking for. 

Of course! Click on ‘speculative application’ in the overview and be sure to detail the roles you would like to be considered for in your cover letter.

If your application is shortlisted, we will invite you for an interview. You can expect more than one interview, with several days between interviews. It will take about three weeks to complete the application process. 

Indaver is interested in your potential. We want to hear about your vision for your own career and your future with us at Indaver. Be yourself and tell us about your ambitions. Show us that you understand our organisation and explain why it is that you’d be an asset to Indaver.

Indaver is an entrepreneurial organization where ownership and open communication are key. That is why we make an introductory plan and a development plan for all of our new employees. These give you an overview of all of the information that is important at the start of your career (for example training courses, documents or meetings). You’ll be one of us in no time.

Indaver often organises events for their colleagues. This is done by a voluntary group of colleagues that is dedicated in doing so. They welcome every employee to join. It’s a good way to get to know some new faces quickly.

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