CEWEP - Confederation of European Waste to Energy Plants

CEWEP is the umbrella association of the owners and operators of waste-to-energy plants across Europe. It represents 394 waste-to-energy plants in 18 European countries. They make up 85 % of the waste-to-energy capacity in Europe. Members of CEWEP are mostly national associations, but also individual plants. Indaver, through CEWEP Ireland and BW2E (Belgian Waste-to-Energy) are long standing members. Membership of CEWEP underlines a waste-to-energy plant’s commitment to ensuring high environmental standards, achieving low emissions by operating Best Available Techniques (BAT) and maintaining state of the art energy production from not otherwise reusable or recyclable materials.

Jackie Keaney, Commercial Director of Indaver in Ireland is also the President of CEWEP Ireland.

IWMA - Irish Waste Management Association

Indaver is a member of the Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA), a trade association for waste management companies in Ireland. Members operate to the highest industry standards providing waste management services to the public and to businesses in a professional and ethical manner. Members processed approximately 3.5 million tonnes of waste at 65 non-hazardous and 10 hazardous waste facilities in 2013. The bulk of this waste was recycled or otherwise recovered, as members only operate one landfill which disposed 310,900 tonnes in 2013. All member’s facilities are either licensed by the EPA or operated under a local authority permit.

IBEC - Irish Business and Employers Confederation

Indaver is a long-standing member of IBEC.

IBEC is the national voice of business in Ireland. Ibec represents the interests of business in Ireland and provides a wide range of direct services to its 7,500 member companies.

Chambers of Commerce

Indaver values the Chambers of Commerce as a knowledge-sharing and support network. Currently, Indaver is a member of the Harlow and District Chamber of Commerce.

ISWA - International Solid Waste Association

For Indaver waste is not a problem, it is a resource. It works together with partners at an international level to share knowledge and experience in sustainable waste management. One such platform is the International Solid Waste Association.
ISWA aims to promote and develop sustainable and professional waste management worldwide. It promotes resource efficiency through sustainable production and consumption, advances waste management through education and training and promotes appropriate and best available technologies and practices.

ISWA provides scientific, economic and social instruments such as an international network to share knowledge and experience in sustainable waste management and climate change mitigation, expert working groups to advance knowledge and expertise, education and training courses, professional publications and cooperation with all stakeholders in waste management, particularly the national members of ISWA as well as with international organisations and institutions.

EURITS - European Union for Responsible Incineration and Treatment of Special Waste

Indaver makes every effort to ensure that hazardous waste does not find its way into recycled products or into the food chain. That is why it was there at the inception of Eurits, the European Union for Responsible Incineration and Treatment of Special Waste.
Eurits is a recognised European lobby group representing over 90 % of the specialist waste incineration sector in the European Union. It holds a brief on safe, lawful and environmentally sound waste incineration. Indaver has held either the chairmanship or the technical directorate for 17 years now.
Awareness of sustainable thermal treatment
Eurits offers Indaver a European platform to communicate its vision. For Indaver and for Eurits, hazardous waste incineration facilities are like the ‘gatekeepers of the recycling society’. This waste incineration prevents hazardous waste from ending up in recycled products or in the food chain.
Eurits promotes best sustainable practice in the field of hazardous waste incineration in member states of the European Union, as well as in other countries associated with the EU. It provides a forum for the exchange of technical and operational information to ensure best practice.
It represents the specialist hazardous waste incineration sector to ensure appropriate developments and application of legislation by contributing information to the key European institutions. It increases transparency about technical, environmental and safety aspects of specialist high temperature incinerators, in order to enable greater public confidence in, and acceptance of, the sector.

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