Sustainability is not just about how we deal with waste, but also our HR policy for our people. Our staff enable us to devise the smart solutions and services for sustainable waste management that benefit our customers and society as a whole. With an HR policy that focuses on sustainable employment we ensure they continue working for us with enthusiasm and energy.

Employer branding to attract talent

You can no longer attract talent with a simple job advert in the paper or on a job search website. Potential employees want to see that Indaver is an attractive employer in other ways. We advertise our strengths using targeted 'employer branding'. We also outline these strengths on our career site. This website provides information on the opportunities working at Indaver offers, about the way in which we support our employees' career development and the vacancies we are looking to fill.

Sustainable staff employment

Under the slogan ‘Stay on the journey with Indaver/SVEX’ we guide our employees throughout their career with Indaver. We use a metro map for a visual representation of our sustainable employment policy. The four pillars of this policy form the four main lines on the map, with dozens of branch lines so that it can be tailored to suit the individual.

  • Health: we help our employees to stay physically and mentally fit.
  • Competency: staff can constantly hone their competences, skills and potential.
  • Desire to work: we stimulate enthusiasm among our employees.
  • Work and Home Life: We help our staff to find the right balance so that they remain productive.

Involved and enthusiastic staff

Every employee has their own role to play in Indaver's success. We involve our people in the decision-making process and give them the autonomy and the authority to do their work effectively. We pole our employees’ opinions regularly, to ensure they are engaged and that they know their work matters.

‘The New Meeting’: more efficient and more effective

An efficient meeting culture creates energy and encourages work on action points. In 2017 Indaver launched ‘The New Meeting’ campaign in all regions. This was a point for improvement that came out of the Staff Involvement Survey in 2016

Gaining the right knowledge, quickly and efficiently

A lot of employees enjoy seeking new challenges. In their careers at Indaver they are keen to have further training or to acquire entirely new knowledge and skills. We want to teach them that knowledge quickly and efficiently. 

Structured learning

In 2017, we placed even greater emphasis on the efficiency and effectiveness of lifelong learning. Using 'structured learning' we determine the minimum skills and knowledge employees need for each position and which learning methods are the most appropriate. We also look at the attitudes that are important in their role. We invest in ‘blended learning’, which combines 'on the job' learning and the traditional classroom method with new (technological) forms of learning. That way, we can guarantee that our employees, whichever region they are in, have the same in-house knowledge and skills for each position. So we can be quicker off the starting blocks when it comes to new investment projects, or in new regions.

Arming staff against unhealthy stress levels

We help our employees to maintain their physical and mental health. We monitor the balance between capacity and workload and make it a priority to combat unhealthy work pressure and stress. Prevention is key: We arm our employees against burnout, stress and absenteeism.  

Solid safety culture  

At Indaver we are working on a culture in which everyone cares about each other's safety. Our employees' own behaviour is therefore vital for a safe working environment. We expect everyone at Indaver, at all levels and in all positions, to take responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues. All staff are encouraged to report and to help tackle safety risks, by maintaining an open dialogue.

We strive to ensure our high-tech installations work properly and that the working environment and traffic on our sites are safe. We have effective instruments and procedures. We teach our people to spot hazards and risks and we provide the necessary safety training courses to manage that. We provide the right personal protective equipment. 

New safety campaign: Work safe ◆ Home safe ◆ Everyone ◆ Every day

Work and home are not separate worlds. If there is a safety incident at work, a member of staff  also pays the price in their home life. This is the message of the safety campaign that Indaver launched in 2017. The annual group-wide safety campaign was thus given a more personal touch. In the poster campaign we emphasise that we provide personal protective equipment, but that employees have a responsibility to wear it. Our staff modelled it themselves. The campaign will also be running in 2018.

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Myra Latuheru - People
Safety at Indaver is everyone's responsibility!