Treatment at third-party outlets

Indaver offers the most ecologically and economically responsible solution for waste from industrial customers and public authorities. Apart from its own facilities, Indaver has a network of approximately 500 external treatment centres in Europe to handle waste streams from its customers. This co-operation allows us to offer the best solution to our customers.

Wide range

The external treatment centres in the Indaver network range from very small, specific facilities (such as cleaning and repairing bins and large plastic containers) to very large, integrated enterprises (such as co-incineration plants with associated pre-treatment platforms).

Continuity, cost efficiency and specialised treatment

External treatment centres may be located nearer to our customer than our own treatment facilities. When no specialised treatment is required, this is often the best option as it reduces transport cost. Third parties may offer a treatment technology that we do not have in our portfolio. We also maintain contact with third parties/partners in order to have a back-up solution for our customers' waste. In the event of maintenance work on Indaver facilities, we can still accept waste, thereby guaranteeing continuity.

Guaranteed Quality and Safety standards

Indaver has set up mechanisms for maintaining high quality and safety standards for its outlets. All outlets must complete and undersign a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) prior to any agreement between Indaver and the outlet. The PQQ checks on the minimal legal requirements for the outlet to be able to accept and treat the waste in its facilities. Indaver also conducts regular audits for critical waste treatments. These audits enable Indaver to test in more detail whether treatment at the outlet is carried out in compliance with applicable legislation and its own ‘Codes of Good Practice in waste management’.

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