Press Release: Solution for the treatment of product residues from chemical weapons in Syria!

The OPCW has chosen Veolia US and Ekokem Finland to treat the residues generated in the production of chemical weapons in Syria. Indaver Belgium, together with Remondis Germany and Veolia UK, had also submitted a proposal at the OPCW’s request. We had devised a good technical solution based on our experience and expertise in the treatment of industrial and hazardous waste. Our experience with treating the remains of dismantled bombs from the First World War had also been incorporated into the solution.

Since we had developed a good technical solution, we were included on the shortlist, and the OPCW inspectors visited our facilities. We were certainly able to give them a positive impression.

We, as Indaver, therefore proved once again our willingness to assume responsibility in solving socially important problems, even though it would have required a huge effort to do this alongside our normal activities.

We understand that geopolitical considerations also played a part in the decision. It is good that a solution has been found for the safe treatment of these materials which ideally should never have been produced.

Indaver, with all its employees and its facilities, will continue to strive for a better and safer world.

Contact: Jos Artois, Corporate Communicatie Manager, jos.artois(at)indaver(dot)be, +32 475 642 155.

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