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How will the changes affect you?

Multilateral Agreement M268

As you probably already know, a new supplementary Multilateral Agreement (M268) came into force at the start of 2014 concerning the ADR regulation. Indaver wants to bring you up to speed on these new guidelines that obviously have implications for your waste management. As your partner in waste and materials management and as an expert in waste legislation, Indaver thought it would be sensible to provide a clear and concise explanation of the facts from the new ADR directive that are relevant to you. So together we are able to provide safe, legally-compliant and risk-free waste management.

What impact does the supplementary Multilateral Agreement M268 have on your waste management?

The regulations for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by road - the ADR - provide a number of not so self-explanatory rules for the carriage of certain packagings. Specifically uncleaned, empty packagings that have previously contained dangerous substances. The supplementary Multilateral Agreement 268 to the ADR regulations was set up with a view to establishing/creating further clarification in this regard.

What are the advantages of this Multilateral Agreement M268:

  • it means you know where you stand
  • it simplifies the (bulk) transport of packagings, discarded, empty and uncleaned
  • it makes it feasible to transport them in accordance with the ADR regulations

An additional UN number has been created for this UN 3509. We now also have a practical solution for our discarded packagings.
Some hazard classes are still excepted (including explosive / infectious substances) and used packagings from oxidising substances require particular attention.

What you should be aware of regarding packing containing residues of oxidising substances, in a nutshell:

  • Loading rules: keep and transport separately
  • Rules for the use of packaging: shield from all flammable material
  • Rules for bulk transport: shield from all flammable material
  • Rules for documentation: The words "(WITH RESIDUES OF...)" must be added to the proper shipping name, followed by the class(es) and the attendant hazard(s) that correspond to the residues listed sequentially by classification number.
  • Applicability
    • Applicability: The M268 agreement is applicable up to 31 December 2014 (inclusive) and will be included in the ADR publication from 2015.
    • Territory: The agreement applies to transport within the territories of the Contracting Parties to the ADR.


Current situation:







The Netherlands






Date of Expiry: 1 January 2015

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