Management of infrastructure

Our Public waste PartnershipS (PwPS) model offers public authorities three types of integrated service: useful application of urban waste; organisation of waste management systems and management of public treatment infrastructure.

Your installation in good hands

Public authorities’ installations must be managed in a safe and cost-efficient manner. Indaver specialises in the operation of complex treatment installations and this experience means we can contribute an important added value for your public authority.

We are currently running treatment facilities across the whole of Europe for the most diverse waste streams:

Your municipality (or intermunicipal co-operative partnership) can entrust the operation or indeed the construction of your treatment installations to Indaver. We can take care of the complete operation, or only the management - you decide. We can also provide a back-up in case of problems at your installation.

Maximum capacity utilisation

Indaver aims for maximum capacity utilisation because we want your installation to operate cost-efficiently. We can guarantee this due to the interplay between our own installations, our commercial apparatus and our network of partners.

Full compliance

Indaver implements a full-compliance policy in operating your installations. We take into account all relevant regulations/legislation and environment-technical requirements, and guarantee proper treatment at all times, just as in our own impeccable installations.

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Public waste PartnershipS
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