Continuously improving

Improving operational performance

Critical scale at individual plant level and a solid position in Europe allows us to offer safe, responsible and cost-effective services. But it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to our continuous improvement programme, operational effectiveness remains high. Our focus is on continuous improvement of efficiency of operations in order to achieve high availability, throughput capacities and recovery of energy. Improvement in terms of quality and safety is also top of our agenda in improving our services year on year.

A broad range of treatment facilities

Indaver offers a wide range of treatment solutions for all possible waste flows. This includes myriad options for recovery (paper, plastic, composting, to distillation of solvents or recycling of mercury, glass and metals from lamps). Waste-to-energy facilities is also a key part of the package (rotary kilns, grate and fluidised bed incinerators). Finally, when there is no other viable option, we opt for safe disposal (physicochemical treatment, landfill). 

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