Press release: Situation at Indaver Antwerp status update

On Saturday 27 February, the emergency services that had remained at Indaver Antwerp as a preventative measure, left the site. The investigation into the cause of the incident is still ongoing. The Federal Service for Chemical Risks has given its approval for the non-incineration facilities on the site to be put back into operation.

Emergency services leave the site

On Saturday 27 February the Antwerp district fire department (from the 'Hulpverleningszone Antwerpen') handed the responsibility for site security back to Indaver. The emergency services and civil protection left the site at around 10:45 pm. The affected zone will continue to be monitored closely by the Indaver intervention team. No activities are currently taking place within this zone. 

Cause of the incident

As the investigation into the cause of the incident is still ongoing it isn't possible to make a definitive statement about the precise cause at this time. Indaver is conducting this investigation in close contact with and with full cooperation from the waste producer. With the help of specialist firms the focus is now on safely dismantling the hangar and the remainder of the tank. A specialist team from BASF is also providing support to Indaver for the safe removal of the residual products in the storage containers.

Activities are being partially resumed on the site

Indaver continues to inspect the site and test the various system components. After a thorough analysis, Belgium’s Federal Service for Chemical Risks has given its approval for some on-site activities to resume, such as the non-thermal treatment of waste. From Monday, February 29th, the site is accepting waste and all employees have returned to work. Indaver is maintaining close communication with its customers to assist with planned deliveries of waste to the Antwerp site and is working with them to treat their waste.

Staff can return to work

All staff can return to work on Monday. Not all employees will be able to carry out their usual assignments, however everyone will be given alternative, useful tasks to complete. Indaver will provide information sessions for all its employees.


Further information
Inge Baertsoen, communications manager, 0497 970570


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