Press release: Follow-up incident Indaver Antwerp

At around 3:45 pm on the 26th of February, at Indaver in Antwerp there was an explosion in a tanker, followed by a fire. The employees present at the site were evacuated quickly and safely. No one was injured.

Indaver's intervention team and the external emergency services arrived on the scene very quickly. The local contingency plan was proclaimed. Upon arrival the fire service tested for hazardous substances. No dangerous concentrations were measured. By 7:00 pm, the fire was fully extinguished, after which the local contingency plan was lifted. Indaver and the emergency services are now focusing on the follow-up procedure for the incident. Indaver is finding solutions for its customers.

No Injuries 

The 117 employees who were present on the site at the time of the incident were able to be evacuated quickly and safely. No one was injured. Indaver will provide specialist socio-psychological support for its staff in the hours and days following the incident.

Limited environment impact

Upon arrival the emergency services tested for hazardous substances. No dangerous concentrations were measured. The water used to fight the fire, drained into the site's separate sewage system where it was contained before being pumped out into safe storage facilities. Once this fire-fighting water has been thoroughly analysed it will be further treated accordingly.

Further investigation into the cause

The explosion occurred in a tanker containing waste solvents that had been parked in a tanker parking area the day before. A portion of the waste solvents had already been treated in one of the rotary kiln incinerators via a direct feed line. For reasons as yet unknown, the tanker became highly pressurized, which compressed solvents in the tanker possibly causing the tanker to split open. Through contact with the ambient air, the contents of the container caught fire immediately, this was clearly visible as a large white ball. A few of the adjacent tankers were also damaged by the impact and caught fire. Waste products that were being stored in a small, container nearby also caught fire. A number of tankers in the vicinity of the burning parking area were also affected by the radiant heat. The fire service cooled these tankers down as a precaution. Further investigation will reveal the cause of the incident. 

Damage to the plant and follow-up procedure

Over the next few hours and days Indaver will be working with specialised teams to ascertain the full extent of the direct and indirect damage to the site. As a priority all storage areas that still contain waste will be checked and safeguarded. The emergency services have remained on site as a precautionary measure. The various facilities on the company site are currently shut down. 

Customer service provision

Indaver is looking into alternatives for planned deliveries and will work with its customers to find the most appropriate solution for their waste package.


Further information
Inge Baertsoen, communications manager, 0497 970570



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