IndaChlor construction in the picture (FR)

The construction works of IndaChlor, Indaver’s recycling installation for chlorinated production residues in Dunkirk, France are at a crossroads. The process area, energy building, the HCl tank farm and the tank farm, that consists of 7 large storage tanks for the chlorinated production residues, are in full preparation.

Currently, about 80 people work on the site. Everything is prepared and constructed so that the turbine and the incinerator can be installed in the next couple of months. By the summer about 200 people will be working on the IndaChlor site. This means there will be a lot of construction activity, coming and going of suppliers and traffic on the premises. Indaver has therefore set up a planning with clear responsibilities, time schedules and informs those involved via regular update meetings. Safety is key during such a project and all kinds of measures eg. a separate contractor village, clear signage, one-way driveways etc. are taken to safeguard the continuity and everybody on site.

By now, most of the equipment is ordered and under construction: the steam boiler, flue gas treatment, the waste water treatment, the storage tanks, the pumps, piping, valves, automation, insulation etc.. The future plant manager and maintenance manager are already on-site and are involved in the construction and commissioning of the plant, together with the other project team members.

This early involvement of the site management has many advantages, including a better preparation of the operational phase.

An operational team for which Indaver is currently hiring experienced operators from the North France Region, will support the site management. When operational by the horizon of 2019, the Site Manager will be in charge of daily management and operations.


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