Indaver regularly publishes an issue of Focus, in which we present background information about our activities or elucidate our viewpoints. You can find an overview of archive copies of Focus here.

Prosperity: creating value

Rob Kruitwagen 2017-10-09 |

In a circular economy, creating value means caring about society, not just about financial gain. At Indaver, we want to create this added value using...

Partnerships: cooperating to make a difference

Rob Kruitwagen 2017-10-09 |

If we want to achieve a circular economy, we all have to do our bit. Solutions to make the planet more habitable will never come from just one angle....

Sustainability Report: Indaver's contribution to our planet

Paul De Bruycker 2017-06-28 |

We want a safe and clean planet. But a sustainable world is only possible if we deal with our waste intelligently and carefully. We recover materials...

ECLUSE wins Belgian Energy and Environmental award

Rob Kruitwagen 2017-06-15 |

ECLUSE, the steam network that is currently being constructed in the Waasland Port, is the proud winner of the Belgian Energy and Environmental award...

Indaver shares its expertise with municipal authorities in a waste-to-energy masterclass

Inge Baertsoen 2017-02-09 |

On 9th February 2017 Indaver will once again be giving the waste-to-energy masterclass that was so successful at the ISWA Congress at the end of 2015....

Indaver geeft les(je) in ondernemen aan jonge hoogvliegers

Inge Baertsoen 2017-01-19 |

Jonge Vlamingen moeten leren ondernemen, en van wie leren ze dat beter dan van ondernemers zelf? Indaver neemt daarom deel aan ‘Ondernemers voor de...

Sustainable Materials and Energy Management Fund has supported 150 projects already over the past ten years

Inge Baertsoen 2016-11-06 |

The people of Flanders are now well aware of the fact that they need to live more sustainably and be more economical with raw materials and energy....

Indaver’s neighbourhood council celebrates 25 years of open local level communication

Rob Kruitwagen 2016-10-31 |

Indaver’s neighbourhood council celebrates 25 years of open local level communication. Everyone needs good neighbours, even companies. This is why...

Cooperation to make a difference

Rob Kruitwagen 2016-08-24 |

The solutions demanded by the circular economy need to derive from different areas. That is why in 2015 Indaver continued to actively work on raising...

Creating added value with sustainable waste management

Rob Kruitwagen 2016-08-01 |

Indaver aims to create added value, using systems for which customers have a need and which society expects from it. It succeeded in doing so again in...

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