Indaver regularly publishes an issue of Focus, in which we present background information about our activities or elucidate our viewpoints. You can find an overview of archive copies of Focus here.

Indaver focuses on partnerships at the World Resources Forum

Inge Baertsoen 2019-02-19 |

No single company, government or organisation has the solution for climate change in the bag. By sharing our insights we can make progress faster....



Everyone has a role in the circular economy. Certainly waste management companies like Indaver. Indaver has an obligation to its customers and society...



Waste is a complex business: everything changes rapidly. Investing in staff that know what they are doing is therefore good for business. Because...



To keep the planet habitable we all need to adjust our ways of living, building, heating, consuming and travelling. We need to completely change the...



Extracting high-quality materials and sustainable energy from waste and protecting the loop from hazardous substances: Indaver does that within the...



Value creation is what Indaver does: for the company and for society. At Indaver, value creation is an integral part of its vision for the circular...

Heat supplied by Indaver for Antwerp’s residential areas

Rob Kruitwagen 2018-10-11 |

It is possible that the Antwerp districts of Luchtbal and Rozemaai will soon be obtaining their heating from the port. The city of Antwerp, the Port...

IndaChlor®: the circular economy in action

Rob Kruitwagen 2018-09-14 |

In Loon-Plage, Dunkirk, Indaver has invested in IndaChlor®, a treatment facility that will recover raw materials and energy from chlorinated waste....

Indaver, a practical example of circular economy at Cleantech Forum


Indaver doesn’t just talk about the circular economy, it practises it too. In view of our leading role in the circular economy, we were a prominent...

Waste-to-Energy facilities: the protectors and suppliers of the circular economy


If we convert all the waste that is currently being landfilled in Europe into energy, we will be able to provide 13 percent of European households...

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