Sustainable Materials and Energy Management Fund has supported 150 projects already over the past ten years

The people of Flanders are now well aware of the fact that they need to live more sustainably and be more economical with raw materials and energy. But they don’t always know where to begin. The Sustainable Materials and Energy Management Fund which is financed by Indaver and SLECO has been pointing them in the right direction for the past ten years.

Unique cooperation

With the Sustainable Materials and Energy Management Fund, Indaver and the environmental movement have joined forces with one objective in mind: to teach the people of Flanders to live more sustainably. Indaver, The Federation for a Better Environment, the Action Committee to Safeguard the Environment on the Left Bank and in the Waasland work together in the Fund in a unique way. The Fund is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.

One and a half million euros

The past ten years the Fund has supported more than 150 projects, with donations from Indaver and SLECO totalling 1.5 million euros. It concerns small-scale projects, whereby people try to live more sustainably in their own neighbourhood or municipality making small changes and also regional projects which focus on large-scale, structural change across Flanders.

Workable models

The Fund itself has evolved. In the early years it often focused on projects which could raise awareness in people but times have changed. Everyone has heeded the wake-up call. Consequently, for the past few years the Fund has continued to prioritise projects - certainly those at a regional level - which really develop workable models which can be applied throughout Flanders. It intends to keep on innovating and expanding.

Departure of strong chairman

It was the steady hand of Hubert David, as chairman of the Sustainable Materials and Energy Management Fund, who steered the Fund through its first ten years. Hubert David strengthened the operation of the Fund thanks to his wide network, close monitoring of the projects and his ongoing search for consensus, whereby he always avoided being the sole influential figure and everyone felt appreciated in terms of their own particular contribution.

Continuity with new chairperson

It is Helga Van der Veken, who has chaired the jury until now, who will successfully manage the Fund and will undoubtedly put her own particular stamp on proceedings.

New call

A new call for projects has been launched. Interested parties can submit a project before the middle of February. All the information can be found on the website. 

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