Sustainable Indaver receives accolades at the FEBEM Awards

Belgian companies that collect, sort, treat, recycle or process waste are making a huge effort to do so sustainably. A fact that hasn't escaped FEBEM, the federation that represents waste treatment companies, biomass producers and soil remediation centres. To reward these efforts, FEBEM handed out the FEBEM Awards for the first time. Indaver received an award for its Molecule Management®.

Participating companies were allowed to submit entries for three categories: best innovation and environment project, with separate divisions for SMEs and large companies; best social initiative; and best safety project. Indaver submitted projects for all three categories: Indaver Molecule Management® and the new industrial heating network in Doel for environment and innovation; the safety of industrial vehicles for safety; and our 'sustainable employability' campaign for HR.

Indaver Molecule Management®

In the innovation and environment project category Indaver won the highest honour for its Indaver Molecule Management® for industrial clients.These clients are looking for alternatives to replace expensive and scarce raw materials. With Molecule Management®, Indaver recovers materials at a molecular level so that hydrochloric acid, iron oxide, iodine, rare earth metals and precious metals can be reintroduced into the production chain safely. At our site in Antwerp we ran successful pilot schemes recovering iodine and palladium, which is used as a catalyst in processes in the pharmaceutical industry. The intention is to extend these techniques to other precious metals, according to the needs of the industry. The jury praised “the innovative character and real added value of this project”.

Safety of Industrial Vehicles

Indaver was not a winner in the other categories, but it managed to secure two nominations. One in the safety category, with our project for the safety of industrial vehicles. By introducing an effective management system for all industrial vehicles, applied to procedures and technical measures alike, Indaver aims to further reduce the number of incidents involving these vehicles. This is done using a central system that allows us to follow all vehicles on line via a wireless network. 

Also nominated: sustainable employability

Indaver was also nominated for a third project, in the HR category: Enjoy your journey with Indaver. Indaver is developing a HR policy that ensures its staff stays healthy for longer and continue to enjoy their work. It has designed a handy folding card (z-card style), based on an underground metro map. This map shows a network of 4 different lines, stops and junctions so that people can plan their career path to suit the different phases of their life, on and off the shop floor.

Recognition for effort 

We never let up on our search for new and innovative technologies for sustainable waste treatment. We always make every effort to limit the impact our activities on people and the environment and to monitor the safety of everyone who is directly or indirectly involved with our activities. For Indaver, the FEBEM award and two nominations are confirmation that our constant efforts to achieve sustainability are moving in the right direction.

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