IndaChem Liquids/IndaChem Solids keep the materials loop safe and sustainable

A new reality deserves a new name. Indaver's physicochemical plants (1 and 2) in Antwerp are so much more than their name suggests. These are highly technological, innovative, treatment plants that help to keep the materials cycle safe and sustainable. From now on, they will therefore go through life as IndaChem Liquids and IndaChem Solids.

Physicochemistry 1 and 2 are being given a new name. Why? Because they're worth it!

The physicochemical plants at Indaver's site in Antwerp process industrial, liquid and solid inorganic waste. Thanks to 25 years of experience and continually striving to improve, these have become high-tech innovative treatment plants that work together cleverly so that they can achieve more than other plants. Which is why they deserve a name: IndaChem Liquids for the treatment of liquid inorganic waste, IndaChem Solids for the treatment of solid inorganic waste.

Chemical neutralisation of hazardous waste

In physicochemical plants a chemical reaction is set in motion that neutralises and 'fixes' hazardous components of waste products. IndaChem Liquids processes liquid waste products such as wastewater from metal treatment. IndaChem Solids treats industrial, solid, inorganic waste that can't be incinerated, in addition to hazardous components from waste that are left in the filters after thermal processing. The installations neutralise acids and bases, oxidise cyanides, reduce chromates and immobilise heavy metals in the wastewater. During the treatment at IndChem Liquids, sludge and wastewater are created. The sludge is dewatered and transported to the landfill site where it is stored safely. The wastewater goes to the water purification plant. IndaChem Solids' end product, which looks like screed, is also transported to landfill. There it is stored carefully under special conditions.

High tech, efficient and innovative

Indaver has managed to set up its plants in such a way that they can cope with the most complex waste products. At the heart of IndaChem Solids is a new Eirich reactor, which enables us to carry out more complex 'recipes'  and to reduce treatment time. Indaver uses also primary raw materials vary sparingly in physicochemical these treatment processes.

IndaChem Liquids and IndaChem Solids keep the materials cycle safe and sustainable

Waste can contain components hazardous to people and the environment. We have to remove these components from the materials loop. Re-use is good, on the condition that hazardous components are consistently removed from the materials loop. IndaChem Liquids and IndaChem Solids play an important role in making hazardous components in waste innocuous and in storing them safely. That is how we keep the materials loop clean and safe. 

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