Facilitator and gate-keeper of the circular economy

Producing and consuming differently and using fewer raw materials, is necessary to must keep our planet habitable. As a waste management company Indaver has a crucial role to play in this circular economy. We now have a new company video to demonstrate how this works.

High-quality materials

Companies need raw materials to make products. In a circular economy they have to avoid using primary raw materials. But they do need high-grade materials to replace them with. That way they can continue production without impacting on quality and safety. As an enabler (facilitator) of the circular economy Indaver recovers as many high-quality materials from waste as possible. 

Innovative techniques

Indaver supplements the mechanical recycling techniques it uses with chemical and thermal recycling techniques. With this we can break materials down to the smallest building blocks, so that they can be used for new products that don't differ in quality to products made from primary raw materials. Indaver stimulates industrial symbiosis, by extracting raw materials from one company's waste that another company can use in its production process.

Safe storage of hazardous substances

People have to be able to trust that the materials that are constantly being reused in the materials chain are safe and pure. The circular economy therefore needs safe sinks, safe storage places for undesirable and hazardous substances. Indaver destroys or isolates the hazardous components present in the residual waste at its high-tech plants. As gate-keeper of the circular economy it therefore removes hazardous or toxic components from the cycle.

Added value

Indaver knows that the circular economy can only be sustainable if the recovered materials and energy are also used and affordable. That is why we look for technologically and economically viable solutions. In short, Indaver makes high-quality materials and energy-from-waste available, affordable and reliable, without compromising on the safety of people and the environment. This makes us an important player in the transition from a linear to a fully circular economy.

Want to know more about Indaver's role in the circular economy? Watch the new company video.

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