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As a waste management company, Indaver's work is close to the heart of the general public. We therefore strive for open communication with our customers and neighbours, with the government and the media. We make our activities and viewpoints known clearly and correctly. 

On these pages you can find an overview of the latest press releases and news articles, background information in our ‘Focus’ column, and links to our publications. Under ‘multimedia’ you can find the latest videos on Indaver’s YouTube channel and an image bank you can choose from freely.

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Latest focus articles

Indaver converts Willebroek sorting plant for first P+MD contracts

Alain Konings 2019-02-21 |

At the end of November, Indaver secured the first four P+MD contracts for sorting and cleaning P+MD waste (Plastics, Metals and Drinks cartons) from...

Indaver focuses on partnerships at the World Resources Forum

Inge Baertsoen 2019-02-19 |

No single company, government or organisation has the solution for climate change in the bag. By sharing our insights we can make progress faster....



Everyone has a role in the circular economy. Certainly waste management companies like Indaver. Indaver has an obligation to its customers and society...

Latest press releases

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Press release: Indaver and SUEZ build an energy from waste plant for non-recyclable wood waste in Waasland Port in Antwerp


Indaver and SUEZ have applied for a permit to build a new processing facility for non-recyclable wood waste. The investment amounts to €100 million....

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Press release: Port of Antwerp brings different players together to produce sustainable methanol


Pilot project aims for 4,000 to 8,000 tonnes of sustainable methanol per year

Antwerp, 23 March ● Port of Antwerp is starting the year with an...

ECLUSE steam network officially opened


Potential to cut CO2 emissions by 100,000 tonnes a year

The very first large-scale industrial steam network at the Port of Antwerp, ECLUSE, is...

Latest news articles

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Press release Fost Plus: Employees of Indaver and Vanheede rewarded for best-sorted PMD in Belgium


On November 9th, Fost Plus treats the employees of two Belgian PMD sorting centers to a tasty portion of French fries. They are rewarded for the...

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News update on deadly accident at Indaver in Antwerp

Inge Baertsoen 2018-09-14 |

On September 13th around 2:30 pm an incident occurred on the Indaver site in Antwerp on a location where waste products are received. The emergency...

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Sustainable waste management in circular economy is more than just recycling targets


Waste management companies play a key role in realising a sustainable circular economy; this is what their plans for the circular economy demonstrate...

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