Paper waste from municipalities becomes 100 % recycled paper


Municipalities, intermunicipal partnerships and waste-collection companies deliver the selectively collected paper to VLAR Papier.


De-inked paper is paper that is processed into paper for magazines and newspapers. In addition, VLAR treats distribution surpluses (advertisement printouts, regional newspapers, etc.) and unsold newspapers and magazines. These are suitable for the production of magazine paper. The treatment process is run by machine, with automatic paper and cardboard separators, and manually on sorting platforms. VLAR Papier is also continuously improving its treatment system. A second line that can remove additional impurities was added to the sorting line in Ghent.

High-quality raw materials for paper production

After sorting, the recovered paper is used as raw material for recycling into paper for magazines and newspapers in the StoraEnso paper factory. StoraEnso processes the sorted paper into pulp; it purifies, de-inks and cleans it. StoraEnso Langerbrugge has two machines that produce paper at a very high speed: one machine is for paper for newspapers and the other for magazine paper. 100% recycled fibres are used for producing these two types of paper. 

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