Paper waste becomes high-quality raw material


Our customers can rely on a complete range of logistical materials, such as presses, press containers, roll containers and pallet boxes. Collecting at the customer site occurs by means of container-exchange systems, tautliners and walking floors. The short distances to the various Indaver transfer locations make it attractive for our customers to deliver their waste to Indaver.

All deliveries are automatically registered in Indaver’s SAP system. This allows our customers to have an overview at any time of the quantities delivered, the costs and the revenues. This is converted into a correct and transparent invoice. If needed, the system can generate lists, such as notification lists for authorities.


Our product managers look specifically for certain types of paper so that, after pre-treatment, they can be reproduced according to the demand in the recycling sector.

The paper and cardboard waste flows are separated into different qualities. We differentiate between wood-containing and wood-free paper, white and coloured, mixed and separated types, various cardboard types, etc. The differentiation complies with European Standard EN643. 

Qualitative papers, such as white and coloured archives, lists, shavings, etc. are separated, the ‘unfit’ substances (e.g. plastic, wood, etc.) are removed, and the sorted paper is immediately sent to the baling press. The rest of the purified paper is put on a conveyer belt and sent to the shredder. This system means that the paper takes less volume and is easier to pulp for certain applications. 

The sorted paper, which has been pressed in a baling press, is temporarily stored according to quality and destination.

Flexible removal

Thanks to its spacious storage possibilities, Indaver guarantees flexible marketing of sorted and purified paper and cardboard. Trucks and sea containers can be loaded in the closed storage area; they then transport the paper and cardboard in bales or in bulk to the recycling industry in Belgium or abroad.

High-quality raw materials for paper production

The sorted paper is used, according to quality, as raw materials for the production of new paper, insulation materials and fillers in Belgium and abroad. 

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