Sustainability report

Transparency in its activities is part of Indaver’s corporate social responsibility policy. It has an open dialogue with its stakeholders. Its annual Sustainability Report is the final component in that dialogue.

In this report Indaver gives information on its activities, on the impact of its activities on the environment and on its financial results. This data makes it clear that sustainability runs through the entire company and is integrated into Indaver’s strategy and organisation.

Interactive PDF

The Sustainability Report is constructed according to the five Ps, our principles for sustainable enterprise: Policy, People, Planet, Partnerships and Prosperity. Each chapter is introduced by a vision statement, in which – for each principle – we explain how Indaver is making a difference with its operations on that particular parameter of sustainability. The PDF of the report is interactive: readers can move from one page to the next or use the thumbnails and search options to navigate through the document or to find external links and Indaver's regional websites.
We have also compiled the most remarkable facts and figures about Indaver in a handy flyer.

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