Transparent and socially responsible

Sustainability comprises more than environmental ambitions. Internally, we strive for sustainable working conditions and offer opportunities for growth and (personal) development to our employees. Externally, we strive for ethical behaviour and open communication with stakeholders, such as neighbours and suppliers. We also support social and environmental initiatives. 

Working Sustainably

As part of its sustainable employment policy, Indaver has a personnel policy that is tailored to the different stages of life, the ambitions and the (personal) development of its staff, so that they can all continue to work for longer and in better health. This policy enables Indaver to make targeted investments in its staff and in building a future-proof and flexible organisation that is prepared for an increasingly unpredictable labour market.


We maintain a dialogue with our stakeholders, employees, suppliers and partners, customers, neighbours and governments that is entirely transparent. At neighbourhood council sessions and consultative forums we meet and inform neighbouring companies and local authorities and keep them informed about new projects. Open days and site visits are an ideal opportunity in all regions to allow Indaver’s stakeholders a glimpse behind the scenes and give Indaver a chance to profile itself as the partner of choice for waste management.

Social engagement

Indaver wants to be involved in the region in which it operates. We are not content to limit our social responsibility simply to minimising our impact on people and the environment. We also support projects that are aligned with our core values and that benefit the region in which we operate.

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