Embracing sustainable business practice

Indaver applies the principles of corporate social responsibility to its Sustainability Report: high-quality service provision (policy); respect for others (people); and respect for the the environment (planet), economic performance (prosperity) and working collaboratively (partnerships).

Policy: embedding sustainability within the organisation

Indaver has integrated management systems that monitor quality, the environment and safety and that guarantee the reliability and traceability of our processes. We improve our processes using audits carried out by our own teams, governments, clients and certification agencies. We monitor our external treatment centres. We enforce sustainable business conduct upon our suppliers through our sustainable purchasing policy. We implement a company code that comprises a code of conduct for corporate governance, or good management. 

Indaver provides intelligent and innovative waste management services to governments and companies and uses complex treatment facilities for industrial and hazardous waste, household and comparable industrial waste and biowaste. In all of these activities we recover as many materials and as much energy as possible. That is how we are becoming a supplier of high-quality raw materials and renewable energy and thus a key player in the circular economy.

People: knowledge is the key to innovation

The knowledge and experience of Indaver's staff is what makes it a company with sustainable business conduct and innovation as its basic principles. We continuously invest in the development of our staff and their managers. We provide a climate in which staff gain and share knowledge, both internally and with third parties. We ensure the safety of our people and all of those who are directly or indirectly involved in our activities. Indaver's safety score is above average for the waste sector.

Planet: limiting the impact on people and the environment

Indaver wants to keep the impact of its operations on people and the environment as low as possible. We invest in new technologies to further reduce our emissions into the air and water. We use water frugally. We also ensure our activities have no impact on the soil. We take the necessary preventative measures against contamination of the soil and groundwater on our sites and make sure that waste is dumped safely on the landfill sites we manage. We are also making efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, both when treating waste and when transporting waste or people. 

Prosperity: social gain

For Indaver, profit isn't only about strong financial results. We never lose sight of our social responsibility. For us it's about prosperity – gains for the whole of society. We develop new technologies and build advanced facilities with just one goal in mind: to recover the greatest amount of materials and energy as possible from waste. In that way we contribute to the circular economy. Our innovative projects bear out this philosophy. We invest in research and development so that we can continue to set the standard for sustainable waste management. We support social projects and good causes that fit in with our core values.

Partnerships: dialogue with the world

There is no ready-made answer in the search for more sustainable forms of manufacturing and consuming. We can see that we need solutions in which the government, manufacturers, waste management companies, consumers and citizens all work together. Indaver wants to be a responsible waste management company that shares knowledge with customers and society, and that encourages development of sustainable technology and business models. Indaver works with research and knowledge centres. We look for partners in our own sector and across the sectors and design projects in consortia. We support social projects in which citizens and organisations encourage the necessary changes in behaviour in their own way. Indaver maintains an open dialogue with the rest of the world.

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Sustainability report 2015 (pdf)