Maximising high-quality recovery of energy and materials

Industry and society need to make the transition from a linear economy, which uses raw materials once to make products, to a circular economy in which materials are continually reused. Indaver wants to recycle waste in the materials and energy chain as many times as possible. 

Indaver, supplier of raw materials and energy

Indaver wants to find a useful application for every kilogram of waste and to break down waste into its original components so that it can be recovered. That will enable us to replace new and rare raw materials with recovered materials that don't differ in quality from the original product.

We want to put every Joule of energy from waste to good use. We are continuously looking for new ways to use the energy that we recover. Our steam can serve networks for district heating and industrial heating clusters, so that both families and businesses can benefit from a flexible and competitive energy supply with considerably lower CO2 emissions.

Sustainability for added value

With our experience and expertise we can support the circular economy by developing new service provision concepts and technologies to recover ever more renewable energy or raw materials from waste. 

Naturally, in the circular economy the emphasis is on sustainability through added value. Materials recovered from waste streams can be reintroduced as a high-quality raw material for their original purpose, as well as for other applications. That is how Indaver is helping to build an economy in which materials form a sustainable cycle.

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